3 Mistakes hair care

hair care

In this way the hair health depends on many things. So do not you women relate to the care of their hair like what – something boring and inevitable process. The best way to improve, and at the same time improving their hair. Health Blog will talk about the three most common mistakes that accompany hair care.

hair careError №1

Washing and conditioning you start from the front of the head. Everyone knows that the hair behind the head and neck thicker and dense, so it is best that the shampoo, apply conditioner that behind him gradually, spreading forward. When you arrive on the contrary, the fringe, the whiskey will inevitably burdened components of cosmetics, which means faster fat and become thinner over time.

Error №2

Drawing huge amount of money on hair to give extra volume. Assuming that if you use a lot of cosmetics, it will be the maximum amount of hairstyles – this is a mistake. Quite, quite the contrary. The means for the volume will be less than the effect will be better. Many sprays, conditioners and mousses are capable of producing quite the opposite effect, and then the heavier hair and hair “falls.” It is best to begin to put in the palm of a little money, then distribute lightly through his hair.

Error №3

Incorrectly applied cream remedies. You should remember as a cream at all “works” on the face and body. Creme need to soak and for this we distribute, carefully massaging the skin a little. This means that the same is true of hair. Creamy distributing on hair should be pressed gently on them, mash lightly to the cream could be distributed better and absorb.

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