Autumn summer useful

Autumn summer useful

For us, active, usually associated with the summer sun, the sea, the crowd of tourists and a large range of entertainment. Another thing – the improvement of the whole body! In order to acquire a charge of vivacity, together with irrigation for immunity, at least a year to forget about their chronic illnesses only after exposure to sea and then only in the velvet season.

Autumn summer usefulSo what’s the beauty of this peak season except the obvious advantages such as: lower prices and fewer people? The decrease relieves summer heat, by the way, a lot of health risks. For example, people with diseases of the skin, brain, respiratory, vascular and heart is the sun’s dangerous. Patients joints warm best on the gentle sun – morning or evening. A combination of allergic and asthmatic sea and the heat so generally contraindicated.

It is worth noting that this natural breathing sea spray, which consists of tiny droplets in the air, it is not necessary in the peak tourist influx. After the evaporation process just involved the upper layer of seawater, so the air gets everything: food residues, skin particles swim and even waste. Therefore, together with marine mineral water can get into the lungs and a lot of extra nasty. Believe me, it really will not benefit from it health. So it is necessary to wait for the coast to get rid of vacationers and people will be less.

Sometimes doctors recommend autumn sea at a very acute conditions. Do not do not actively swimming, and just stay in sanatoriums and bases, walks along the beach … because heat is safe only for healthy people, and it can still hurt. In general, it is strictly forbidden to swim and sunbathe under the sun for people with active gastritis, ulcer, thrombophlebitis, aching joints and women exacerbations as the breast, adnexitis, endometritis! Any even benign neoplastic processes are capable of at a high temperature to obtain a sudden and dramatic development. So decide for yourself when to go to the sea: in the heat of the summer or in the fall when it’s time to peak season!

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