Diet six petals


To date, this diet is the most popular I am of those that have appeared in recent years. And this is not surprising: after all, the power supply system with the romantic name “6 petals” is very simple and fast and gives the result in terms of psychology is comfortable.

DietDay – vegetables a day – fish …

The author of this method is reputed to Anna Johansson, who is a Swedish nutritionist from the University of Lensky. It is difficult of course to say whether it has developed this diet, as Johansson is a well-known expert on nutrition, but the people on it did not act with a call to adhere to a system of “six petals.” Although it is not so important for the dream to throw off excess weight and acquire a beautiful figure .

According to many fans and fans of the diet – they took off for six days 2 – 7 kg.

Recently become fashionable weight loss system is six days and calculated . It prescribes to eat every day to eat only one kind of food, and most importantly for a certain scheme.

The first day – fish

It is necessary to eat only fish of any kind, and even fat. It is possible to bake, cook for a couple, to make broth on it and cook it. Even allowed to add herbs and spices, but without garnish.

The second day – vegetables

Eat any vegetables in any form, but without oil. The salad can add a little salt and herbs, drink vegetable juices.

Third day – chicken

It is preferred to eat chicken breast, but can be eaten without the skin and gnocchi. Chicken can be cooked, baked, hover, adding salt, herbs and spices not sharp, no garnish.

Fourth day – cereals

The menu should consist of various cereals, bran and whole grain bread.

Fifth Day – cottage cheese

Low-fat and low-fat cottage cheese, you can also drink milk.

Sixth day – vegetables

Here, the menu fresh and baked fruits. Of course, without sugar, to taste, you can add cinnamon and vanilla. You can also drink fresh juices.

In addition to the core products can be in every day to drink your favorite beverages like coffee and tea without sugar importantly, well, a lot of water course.

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