Folic acid when planning pregnancy

Folic acid

Many of the girls for the first time about to become young mothers, and plan their pregnancies, faced with the fact that they are prescribed to receive folic acid. But for what it’s acid is needed, and how to take it?

In fact, the famous folic acid, or as it is called folacin – is familiar to us all vitamin B9. Which in a variety found in orange juice, green vegetables (onions, lettuce, spinach, parsley), in bakery products from wholemeal.

It must be remembered that the Folin contained in raw food during cooking destroys up to 90%. Therefore, the body with a deficiency of vitamin B9 needs to be supported in the form of tablets.

Folic acidAcid folic is responsible for the development of normal neural tube of the future baby, that is, it prevents the newborn such extremely adverse and serious malformations such as brain herniation (this protrusion of the infant brain through the difference in the skull), wolf palate, anencephaly (no brain) spina bifida and cleft lip.

When planning a pregnancy, folic acid is administered in tablets, as a family schedule the birth of the child for three months. Thus, not only increases the chance of conception itself, but also the likelihood that the child to be born healthy.

The dosage of folic acid when planning pregnancy depends directly on the individual needs of the female body. Remember that a large deficit Folin seriously seen in people who abuse alcohol, take hormonal drugs, suffer bowel problems, do not eat vegetables and herbs. But in each case only a doctor should prescribe folic acid.

Women and men folic acid is administered in various doses. A man, given that he is only responsible for the conception, a day appointed by a small dose of folic acid – 0.4gr. But the expectant mother acid appointed in preparation for pregnancy, a day appointed, as a rule, more than before – 0,8gr. But if the doctor is in the collection of history discovers that one of the spouses in the family there were cases of disease that we have listed above (anencephaly, cleft lip, etc.) then the dosage is increased to a day -. 2g, if the pathology observed in unborn before this pair of baby, then a day appointed by even more folic acid before – 4gr.

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