Hazardous methods of contraception

methods of contraception

Even though, that today there is a wide variety of contraceptive methods, people still used sometimes rather strange and sometimes dangerous means to prevent pregnancy, using just about anything for this purpose that comes to hand. The truth is not only the ridiculous security methods are dangerous, even the well proven and reliable means can sometimes lead to trouble.

methods of contraceptionDangerous and funny techniques

Women are especially resourceful can try a contraceptive method is very funny ways: enter before intercourse in the vagina, such as tampon soap or lemon wedge believing that it will be able to protect them from the “aerial”. This is not only ridiculous to think that these methods can help, but they are completely ineffective, and even dangerous at the same time. Tampon only complicates having sex, soap and lemon break vaginal microflora, well, the result of such bacterial vaginismus and other diseases.

Not funny and inefficient: The calendar method

Perhaps the most unreliable method of contraception – a calendar. It was proved that 100 women using this method, about 40 of them are pregnant. You have to know that this method is quite a lot of risk factors: a cycle is not regular, so it is difficult to calculate the date of ovulation, the ovaries can work piecemeal. The more sperm that life cycle is very long, and it is time to fertilize matured “wrong time” egg.

Factor “did not have time”: The Interrupted Act

This method also results in an unplanned pregnancy. About 30 out of 100 women “fly.” And all because of – the fact that the sperm may also be contained in the “lubrication” secret Cooper glands secreted during sexual intercourse. The more that this “did not have time” and pregnancy can give a big quarrel and arrange.

It is dangerous and inefficient: Douching

Even considering that douching has long been used – this method of contraception is very dangerous. First of all, from an unplanned pregnancy – the inefficiency, three times – it violates the microflora of the vagina, leading to erosion, vaginitis, infections. So douching with potassium permanganate, urine, decoction of St. John’s wort and other liquids to be ineffective – it is harmful.

Popular and controversial: Spermicides

Fairly well-known method for today – foams, suppositories, creams with spermicide. Such means have a double effect: a special component can destroy the sperm, and the filler to create a mechanical barrier. This method is very effective, but if you do not abide by the rules of use, the pregnancy in 30% of cases occur anyway. Some spermicides can cause even more addictive for both partners, and stops with frequent use to be effective. Moreover, it is believed that: spermicides are dangerous because they contain nonoxynol-9, which breaks the skin, abrasions and cracks on the genitals, thus opening a direct path to all infections in the body.

For non-forgetful: Oral contraception

Birth control pills , of course, the best method, especially for the ladies with a good memory to take a pill. However, even given the evidence that said that our generation hormones are not harmful, but it not so? Among the dangers inherent hormonal pills is probable development in women metabolic disorders, a large weight gain, as well as the worst – infertility . But the main thing – remember!

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