How to protect yourself from mosquitoes in nature


We all love to relax in nature: kebabs cook, sunbathe, swim in the river and a fresh, clean air to breathe. But that’s only pleasure in all this there is one problem – mosquitos. They are so annoying and biting that transform our outdoor recreation into a nightmare. So how do you protect yourself from these parasites?

protect-yourself-from-mosquitoesA very popular method of mosquito control – is the use of different mosquito creams and sprays. However, we must always remember that all of these tools, it is desirable to apply only to the open areas of the body, because the level of damage they cause to our body, is not installed. So far we only know that they can make a person very serious allergy.

Although there is a safer alternative to all these chemicals, creams, sprays, liquids from mosquitoes. An alternative to this – and means of natural products. Many believe that the smell of garlic and onions would be disastrous for us, and for mosquitoes. Therefore, they can be on the nature and eat them and rubbed to not collide not only with mosquitoes and other insects. But how can these products help us by flying pests? Quite simply, then go out and components of garlic, which repel mosquitoes. The truth is the most gentle way is lemon or orange, or rather their juice, which is necessary to rub out, as many believe.

One more aromatic natural remedy – it’s essential oils. For example, you can take the oil of geranium, lavender, citrus, pine needles, cedar and thyme and add a few drops into the fire. Smoke itself chase mosquitoes, and in conjunction with fragrance oils around there will be no insects.

If you do not find yourself with an aromatic oil, then you can simply take a sprig of pine needles and throw it in the fire. Generally a mixture of smoke and fire smell of pine needles is a super powerful anti-mosquito agent that does not harm the health and well helps in nature of insects.

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