Myths about children: Reality and fiction

Myths about children

We, as often happens, follow the shaped of old myths. It is important to understand the time in a situation especially when it comes to health babies.

We offer found 11 common myths about children.

“To have to have good hair to shave the child in a year”

But in fact, vice versa. In infants, the hair follicles are very close to the surface, and shaving can damage them, and the damaged bulb, then do not recover. Everyone knows that the density of hair depends directly on the number of healthy follicles and shaving has no effect.

Myths about children “Infants should be bathed only boiled water

This belief has gone from ancient times. The water used was taken from wells and other natural sources and it is boiled for disinfection. But today, the water that flows from the tap, not in need of disinfection, boiling it makes it even tougher. Boiling water affects the baby’s skin rather negatively.

“When bathing heat enclose the bottom of the pan diaper”

Again, an ancient tradition that underlay the diaper in a wooden container to the baby in the bath did not get a splinter. But today, plastic trays and their temperature and diaper the same, and therefore, there is no heat. It can only be used as a soft cloth.

“Baby hiccups – so cold”

It is very resistant and is a popular misconception. Hiccups caused by irritation of the stomach or the abdomen. Hiccup baby can after strong crying or after a meal. The cold is not a cause of hiccups.

“The kid in the first weeks of life sees everything upside down”

Who – that says it all in – the fact that the child was in the womb head down. But until the light on the fact the baby all the time to be with your eyes closed. After the birth of the baby from day one develops vision gradually to distinguish shapes and colors, but there is no inverted image.

“Baby after birth in the first week did not hear anything”

The child in the womb hears and after birth, this ability does not disappear. He simply reacts to sudden sounds, and hears all. The kid with the growth begins to react more and more of the surrounding sounds.

“In order to have straight legs should be tight swaddle”

On the genetics of tight swaddling is not reflected. Instead of – the inability to move the baby may slow down the development of motor activity.

“The child is frightened of his hands, so it is necessary to swaddle”

The kid looks up at the startle reflex handle. But the child did not flinch from their pens, and harsh sounds. Hand throws against fear and not vice versa.

“At 6 months, the baby should sit”

There are no hard rules determining when a child should do what – the action. There is nothing wrong if he will stay a month later.

“Hands and feet should be in a child always warm”

Rather, it will be a violation of the baby heat. Normally, when around + 20-22 ° C, and the child’s limbs are cool, but not hot or cold.

“In the nose with a cold is necessary to drip antibiotics”

Usually, antibiotics from the nasopharynx to the kid get into the intestine, and there is already exposed to bacteria and germs. The microflora of the intestine until the child is formed and the effect of antibiotics on it says a detrimental effect.

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