Symptoms of chickenpox in child

chickenpox in child

In people with chickenpox disease called chicken pox. The disease is quite contagious out – which is why children’s skin rashes appear, which in turn cause intolerable itching. These pimples are as follows: red base form with a water head, which bursts in a couple of days.

Chickenpox symptoms in children

This infectious disease can get sick, regardless of age, but most commonly chickenpox  “pick up” the children of 5-10 years. Chickenpox in most cases does not represent serious threats to children, but if there are people in the family with the problems of immunity, those who have never had chickenpox, pregnant women, then such a child for them to become dangerous. With a mild form of the disease is not difficult to handle, especially when there is a single rash, but with severe rash spreads profusely in the skin and internal organs (heart, lungs, liver) is very difficult to overcome. The main rule of chickenpox – do not allow the child to comb pimples!

chickenpox in childBubbles scratching facilitates the penetration of bacterial infection – for which there is then an abscess, leaving after deforming scars on the skin. In rare cases, the disease can become also cause encephalomyelitis (inflammation of the brain). Often the first symptoms of chickenpox are sore throat, headache, fever. In some children the disease sometimes occurs without raising the temperature. On the body a day or two rash has several stages of passage: the bubbles are formed, they burst, dry, crust appears. Do not hurry to rejoice when the first spots dried up as the next seven days, new ones will appear. Caution parents! Do not “sick” children with chickenpox on purpose. There is a category of parents who believe that in childhood, the disease is harmless and even if it is now better to have been ill. It is of course to some extent true, but we must not risk even the smallest can occur from chickenpox serious problems.

Treatment of chickenpox in children

This disease typically does not require complicated specific treatment. It is necessary to begin to isolate a sick child from the other children, to protect them from infection with the virus. Second, prescribed bed rest week. With chickenpox apply a topical treatment. That is permanently lubricated pimples dries substances “green paint” potassium permanganate red, yellow rivanol, a solution of methylene blue, fukortsinomom. All treatment is aimed at preventing complications from – for secondary infection entering the skin damage.

The main task of the parents of a sick child with chickenpox to reduce the discomfort of the itch, and if it is necessary and lower the temperature. Allergy drugs (antihistamines) are sold freely in pharmacies and can easily cope with this task. Also to this end, make the bath with the flour from oatmeal. The baby pimples do not have to shave combed his short nails and keep clean hands. If he pesters severe itching, then you can wipe the patient’s infusion of vinegar and  boiling water, then sprinkle talcum powder. In principle, we must try not to wet rash, as this will only exacerbate the discomfort, prolonging the healing bubbles. The only exceptions are the short-term bath with oatmeal or margantsovkoy.Vetryanka is a viral disease, which means that antibiotics will not help here.

Alternatively, you can take an antiviral, but remember that they do not cure or prevent this disease, however, they help to reduce what – measure treatment and disease will then proceed in an easy   manner. Doctor in purulent complications, of course, may appoint a child antibiotics as penicillin. Their action is directed to the consequences of the disease, and the complications rather than the virus. Weakened in severe forms of chickenpox immunoglobulin is administered to children, helping the body to develop antibodies to the disease and cope with faster infektsiey.Bolnogo baby must be fed small meals often, without giving the “heavy” meat and foods with a high content of vitamins. It is important to exclude products-allergens. It will be useful, vegetable oils and dairy products, plentiful fluid intake.

To prevent the appearance of new lesions, should be changed more frequently underwear and bed linen. During his illness the task of parents – is distracting the child from the compulsion to scratch. At the draw, I read, play, but not active in the game, select the best board games: checkers, bingo, dominoes, puzzles. That is to make sure that the baby hands were constantly busy than – that. For treatment of chickenpox, some doctors recommend combining classical techniques with herbal medicine. We must prepare for this healing tea. Take in equal proportions: calendula flowers, chamomile, Helichrysum, grass, chicory, mother and stepmother, and burdock root. The thermos fall asleep 2st.l. herb collection pour 0.5 liters. Of boiling water and insist the whole night. Take up to four times a day for a third cup. Of course for different ages different concentration of herbs. For example, up to 3 years it is necessary to take 1ch.l. herb mixture, 3 to 6 years old –  one teaspoon, 6 – 10 years – 1st.l. mixtures   over 10 two tablespoons.

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