Why people affects cancer?


The eternal problem of mankind – a cancerous tumor, which is very difficult to cure. And if the earlier a disease took away a lot of lives, today modern medicine has learned at least as – that confront this illness. But why cancer affects people, what is the reason? Let’s find out about this.

Physical problems

Cancer is a glitch in the program group of cells reproducing, negatively while changing the cell itself. Often, in order to understand why in another place there was a disease, it is necessary to understand what the function of the body affected with cancer, performs.

cancerPsychological problems

The main cause of the disease are severe psychological trauma and negative emotions that the child is a child, and has experienced a lifetime in itself. Such injuries as humiliation, injustice, betrayal, rejection – they can cause serious problems. There are those who have experienced some similar injuries.

Generally, cancer occurs in people who want to live in peace and harmony with others. To do this, they suppress the resentment and anger, sometimes even hate their parents. It happens that a person is angry at God, believing that he did not deserve it punishes. At the same time, not allowing himself to show the most negative emotions and negative, accumulated each time more and more increasing. In some – when all the day reaches the limit, all as would explode in man, and from this point the disease begins.

Cancer is able to occur during and after the surge of emotional stress.

mental problems

When diagnosed with cancer, it is necessary to analyze all their lives. Understand what you need to afford to be an ordinary man, have their weaknesses, give negative emotions out, even when they are directed against their relatives. The biggest reason that we suffer and experience alone. We hope that the unaided when any – whether themselves free from suffering. Feeling in need of the soul, find love very real.

The ability to accomplish this is. We must try to forgive all those who are angry and to take offense and even hate.

We must remember that forgiveness is not just to get rid of all your negativity. Here, the difficulty for the patient with cancer has to forgive himself for his bad IFSA with the desire to punish, even if it is not realized. The child, who is always in our lives and suffering, endured already all the rage and resentment, so you should forgive him. Do not be mistaken, believing that to be angry and just get angry, it is one and the same. Anger for normal human feeling. Try to go through the stages of forgiveness.

You can not get rid of the disease, if not forgive himself. This step helps to transform themselves and their love of the investigation that will be a transformation of the blood. New converts blood, healing balm will wash the whole body and fills every cell health. Of course, it’s hard to believe, but it’s worth a try, it is certainly not do any harm.

Many cancer patients have passed all the stages of forgiveness and reward become excellent results:

  • It is necessary to understand the emotions. Conceptualize what blame himself or herself or someone – whether another, listen, what to you it is emotion.
  • Understand that there is always a choice of how to react with anger or love in any – any event. Listen to their fears. Perhaps the fear is that you are accused of what you are accusing others.
  • Learn to understand others and relieve tension. For this we must learn to put yourself in the place of others, to feel and to understand their intentions. Maybe they are the same as you have a problem, maybe they blame themselves, as you yourself might have the same fears.
  • Forgive yourself. This is the most important stage of forgiveness. So give free rein to do their weaknesses. Allow yourself to be afraid, to suffer, to err, to be angry, have their drawbacks. It is necessary to love yourself so what you are now realizing that this is temporary.
  • Tempted to ask for forgiveness. Think first how you do it, how to ask forgiveness of those you accused, condemned and criticized. Representing all of this and at the same time experiencing the relief and joy, then you are ready to move on to the next step.
  • Meet with this person, ask forgiveness for all that is done. Explain your feelings and talk about Nago his forgiveness, which he did to you, until he brought it up himself.
  • Decide how to relate to their parents. To overcome all this takes time. Sometimes for the passage of one stage to go one day, and for another whole year. The main thing that it was all sincere feelings coming from the heart. The psychological trauma is heavier, the harder it will be to pass all this, the more time it takes.

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