Tips To Keep Your Weight Under Control

Tips To Keep Your Weight Under Control

A loss of 10% of the weight is enough to have a positive reflex in our health. Reducing food intake and increasing energy expenditure will allow us to keep weight under control and avoid the yo-yo effect.

Weight under control

This article is aimed at those people who have a tendency to gain weight and need some advice to keep their weight under control, as well as those who have managed to reduce their weight by between 5% and 10% in a healthy way. This is, according to the experts, the minimum loss of weight that can have beneficial effects for health; however, we must take into account that if the lost weight is recovered, these benefits disappear. Therefore, the most important thing is to maintain weight loss over time.

But how do you keep your weight under control? , That is the question.

The basic premises are simple: we must find the balance between the energy we eat with food and the energy we spend with physical activity, so our goal will be to reduce energy intake from food and increase the amount of energy we use when we do physical exercise. Here are some tips.

 General advice

 Lifestyle change is not for a few days or weeks, but for life. The ultimate goal is to have a longer and healthier life.

 We are creatures of habits, so we must plan a series of changes that are realistic and that adapt to our reality of life. If not, new habits will not be sustained over time and it will be impossible to achieve the goals that we set.

 Tips To Keep Your Weight Under ControlTips to increase energy expenditure

Experience has shown that exercising on a regular basis is one of the most important habits for physical and cardio-vascular health. Very few people manage to keep their weight under control unless they exercise regularly.

The longer the duration and intensity of the exercise we do each day, the better. But we must not face unreachable challenges, going to work or shopping, climbing the stairs at home or skating through a park close to home is also considered physical activity. The important thing is the regularity, and that we get to do at least half an hour a day.

Tips to reduce energy intake:

  • Make 5 meals a day: Recent studies have shown that eating 3 large meals and 2 small meals a day allows you to balance the amount of energy we eat, avoiding snacking and therefore excessive consumption of excessively energetic foods.
  • Reduce the size of the rations: One of the most effective techniques is to reduce the amount of food we serve on the plate. To avoid the sensation of “empty pallet” we will use a smaller plate.
  • Take five servings of fruit and vegetables a day: This is obligatory. Maintaining a constant intake of fruit and vegetables will allow us to make healthier choices for the rest of the food throughout the day.
  • We must not avoid temptation: If we have been invited to a work lunch or a celebration we must be clear that we will choose carefully the food and the rations that we will ingest.

Following these tips we will obtain great benefits for our health, which will be maintained over time and will make us feel good.

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