How Often You Have To Undergo A Stress Test

How Often You Have To Undergo A Stress Test

Have you heard or read about the stress test? Sure, but you may have doubts not only about what it is and what it can serve, also, even knowing its use and purpose may ask you how often it is advisable to carry it out: we will try to solve these and other doubts about a test Which is really important to our health.

How often you have to undergo a stress test

To situate ourselves, we are faced with a test also known as ergospirometry, by means of which we will know our athletic abilities through various parameters of our body’s behavior such as the ability to recover effort, the potential for development of effort or Thresholds of effort.

We are really facing a test that will allow us to know our level of health with great reliability in the cardiovascular section, and where we can determine if we have risks associated with effort and sports practice.

When is the stress test performed?

In addition to those times when it is considered necessary to perform for medical reasons, it is highly recommended to perform this test regularly every year or two years.

For example, it can be a determining factor in preventing issues such as sudden death in sports, which has grown significantly in recent years in proportion to the growth of sports such as running.

That is to say, we would find an instrument that could help us to prevent certain risks associated with the practice of sport, an instrument that should therefore be performed not only from the perspective of the professional athlete, where it is mandatory, but also the amateur athlete who wishes to perform Practice as safely as possible.

How Often You Have To Undergo A Stress TestHow to do this test?

Usually to perform this test is used a bicycle ergometers next to the treadmill, although it is more common the first also the incorporation of the second is very habitual, especially when it comes to measuring professionals related to running activity.

The operation is more or less what we imagine, periods of time or pedaling well running or walking after which the pace is increased to reach the maximum effort that each person can assume, obviously this is done professionally and monitoring The person, generally and in a previous way are performed electrocardiograms by the effort that the activity will come to suppose.

The result of this test will help us in a key way in the detection of possible cardiovascular disorders but also in the preparation of a good sports training plan, through which we will be able to influence the basic aspects of our constitution much more Appropriate.

How often do a stress test?

Here we will listen to opinions of all kinds; generally a professional athlete should at least perform a test of these characteristics once a year, recommended at the beginning of the season. However, this does not have to be strictly so for the amateur athlete, really, if we maintain the model of sports practice and we have substantially varied our physical condition a test of effort every two years could be more than enough for those who engage in sport regular.

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