14 Uses Of Onion For Wellness And Home

14 Uses Of Onion For Wellness And Home

The onion is considered, along with garlic, its close relative, such as a natural medicine, as well as a great ally for household cleaning. Here are the best ways we can intelligently use this food when needed.

1) Insect repellent: To keep insects away, such as when we leave the garden or we are going to take care of the garden, simply rub a slice on the skin. Its odor works as an excellent natural insect repellent. Although it is a smell that can sometimes repel people too…

2) Mosquito bites: If it is too late and you have bitten the mosquitoes rub a slice of onion on the bite to quickly remove the itching, redness and swelling that causes these types of stings.

3) Sore throat: If you are a victim of a sudden sore throat, an excellent natural remedy is to prepare an infusion of onion peel. You simply have to boil in water half an onion shell for every cup you want to make. Then strain it and go. If the taste is not to your liking add a little honey to sweeten it and give it flavor.

4) Energy and concentration: If you feel fatigue and tend to easily distract from work a natural remedy to regain energy and concentration you only need to smell an onion, as if you were in an aromatherapy session.

5) Burns: Rub a slice of onion into light burns or mild sunburn. It is an immediate remedy that helps relieve both redness and burning. It can be substituted for potato slices.

6) Remove thorns: For the removal of small spines or splinters of the fingers, you must apply a piece of onion in the area and fix it with adhesive tape or tape. After an hour of waiting, pull it out, like a patch.

14 Uses Of Onion For Wellness And Home7) Hair loss: To stop hair loss you can rub the head before the shampoo with a decoction of onion skins. To prepare it leave the onions in boiling water for a quarter of an hour. Then let it cool (do not put it on!) And let it act for 20-30 minutes before washing it in the usual way.

8) Clean the cutlery: To make your cutlery look like new you can clean them with a special onion-based preparation. Peel and cut an onion into square pieces like cubes and shake with a little water. Use this mixture to rub it on surfaces and steel objects with a sponge. Then rinse and dry.

9) Ash stains: To easily remove ash stains from a carpet, a curtain or other household fabrics, it is possible to pre-rub with an onion, and then proceed with the use of a brush for complete removal.

10) Clean the grilles:  It is much easier to remove incrustations and traces of fat from the grids with the help of an onion. Depending on the size needed, cut the onion in half or in four parts. Grab it with a fork and rub it between the grill spaces.

11) Color fabrics: Onion peels are excellent for the preparation of home dyes for natural fabrics like linen or cotton. You have to put the onions to a boil and then leave them to simmer so that they are releasing the color in the water. This water will serve so that later we can introduce the fabrics that we want to dye leaving them to soak (without boiling) more or less time. More time, you will get stronger color.

12) Keep the avocados: To prevent avocados from ripening too fast it is best to store them together with an onion cut in half in an empty container.

13) Save the hooked rice: If a part of your rice has preferred to remain stuck in the bottom of the pot but is still edible despite having a slight smell of burning, save it by placing onion slices on it so they can absorb it.

14) Cleaning the shoes: If your shoes have mud or grass stains, it will cost you much less to remove them if you use a piece of raw onion. Complete cleaning with a damp cloth and Marseille soap.

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