Dental Health In Children And Adolescents Is It The Same As In Adults?

Dental Health In Children And Adolescents Is It The Same As In Adults?

Think that is very common in children and adolescents, by the mere fact of being less likely to suffer complications and dental disease is less important care of your dental health.

This misconception, coupled with other facts such as odontophobia, of both children and parents, can increase the likelihood of major dental problems in children or adolescents in the not too distant future.

We could say that dental health, prevention and early detection of dental problems in a child become more important than in an adult, since the negative consequences are greater:

  • Longer exposure to common problems such as tooth decay, poor positioning of teeth and future problems in gums.
  • Fear of the dentist (odontophobia) and lack of custom when making periodic reviews and dental cleanings.
  • Future dental aesthetic problems.
  • A lower incidence of the child in his daily oral hygiene.
  • More aggressive treatments in the future and difficult to solve in some concrete cases more complicated.

Dental Health In Children And Adolescents Is It The Same As In Adults?The stages of life and their oral problems

Normally, each stage of life usually has some problems more common than others and this is why we should take more into account the common problems of the specific stage in which our child is.

In children: the most common problems are infantile cavities and oral infections, due to a greater proliferation of bacteria and a greater deficit in daily oral hygiene.

In this scenario we must take the child to the dentist to perform periodic dental cleanings , in addition, you have to start educating your dental hygiene, teaching you how to do it, establishing an appropriate routine and accompanying you to help you and make the task more fun and bearable.

In adolescents: Poor position of the teeth, bruxism or halitosis begin to appear, therefore we must put an immediate remedy to obtain the greatest prevention if we are still on time.

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It is evident that the harsher complications that we normally observe in people of more advanced ages are based in early stages of life, where the formation, growth and maintenance of teeth, gums and other elements are of great importance in view of these Future problems.

Choosing a Dentist Specializing in Children

While we are discussing the importance of dental and oral health in children and adolescents, the choice of the dentist responsible for their health should also be thorough.

Usually good and experienced dentists know how to treat the patient regardless of the patient’s age, but if we detect that the professional’s behavior is not appropriate with our child, it may be a good option to change professionals and opt for a more specialized dentist.

It is recommended to take children and adolescents to the family’s trusted dentist, since in these cases the professional knows very well the dental health of the different members of the family and their specific cases, which is usually of great importance due to factors Hereditary and patterns that are repeated in the different members of the family.

But if the child or adolescent suffers from psychological disorders with the dentist or odontophobia, it would be advisable to go to a pediatric dentist or dentist who will better manage the forms, psychological factors and treatment with the patient at an early age.

In children, everything takes on special importance, because they depend on us, and therefore we must always choose the best option. Maybe for you would not do it But for them? Sure will thank you in the future.

Thanks to the Navarro Dental Clinic in Madrid for this collaboration to offer important information to parents about the health of their children.

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