Lose Weight Fast And Use Intuition

Lose Weight Fast And Use Intuition

Losing weight and fast is one of the top goals of the list of New Year’s resolutions for many people. And it is not surprising to recall those Christmas days where there is the discomfort of eating disorderly and over count.

Eating is one of the most basic needs of the human being and, at the same time, a pleasure that should not be renounced. However, eating food without order or conscience can become a source of sadness and suffering, accumulating pounds and feeling unsatisfied.

Many of my clients have spent a large part of their lives struggling with food and trying to lose weight unsuccessfully based on food-only plans that are useless in achieving sustainable changes in their weight.

But today I want to remember that not everything is there !.

In my years of dedication to health and nutrition, I have been fortunate to study intuitive eating . A way to eat and lose weight without focusing exclusively on diets that are often unrealistic, unbalanced and transient.

The intuitive eating is a revolutionary coaching philosophy eating, and is able to pave the way to the ideal weight allowing you to enjoy what you eat.

Lose Weight Fast And Use IntuitionAnd what is eating based on intuition?

Intuitive feeding proposes a chip change to eat in order to feel better and lose weight using intuition. Apparently it is a very simple philosophy but with very powerful effects.

  • To begin with, instead of manipulating everything you eat based on different diets and restrictions, intuitive eating teaches you to recognize what your body needs and how to regulate what you eat depending on the brain mechanisms that indicate hunger and satiety. Are you giving your body the food it needs to function properly, how much?
  • The development of body intuition is disconnected from the unhealthy habit that leads to overeating for various reasons such as schedules, celebrations, emotions, etc. And invites you to eat after a conscious evaluation of your hunger. Do you think that if you ate according to your hunger you would feel the same ?
  • It is about raising awareness in those triggers that link well-being to eating certain foods and correcting that programming rooted in the unconscious that probably acts on you when you eat. How often do you use food to provide comfort or distraction?

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As Dr. Steven Hawks of Brigham Young University noted, “a person can be programmed to learn how to control their urges and eat healthy, lose weight without having to make restrictive diets by feeding themselves purely for physical reasons.”

If any of your New Year’s resolutions have to do with losing weight or eating healthily, I encourage you to discover this way of eating. A way to feed you that will allow you to reach an adequate weight from your own body, discarding the compulsive or restrictive behaviors with food, which can end up fueling frustration and dissatisfaction with oneself.

This month I will be giving several open talks to know more in detail this philosophy.

I encourage you to participate in some of them, discover the habits conscious for an intuitive diet and reflections on the way you eat.

And do not forget the intensive workshop of January 25 ; Experience where you can rearrange your relationship with food so that losing weight is not another year, a problem without a solution.

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