To Be Well With You Or The Habit Of Cultivating Your Interior

To Be Well With You Or The Habit Of Cultivating Your Interior

We are and feel in function of what happens abroad, what we hear or what others recognize us. If there is crisis, we respond by generating stress, if the day is gray, we are depressed, if we flatter ourselves, we become happy…

It is obvious that the external condition, much to our health. But today I want to turn this approach around and say that by being better with oneself, from the inside, one can improve the relationship with the outside, the results in life and well-being: we can live much better !.

“If you succeed in being right with yourself, inside you, the outside will put itself in its place”.

When you discover something new as if it were a seed, you water it, you watch it and you spend time. But we grow in a fast and noise-filled world that insists on looking out, perfecting the outward appearance, succeeding, being right to others and often forgetting about ourselves, being silent so we can listen and lose the Ability to look at what goes on inside.

Do you live connected to your interior? Are you curious about what’s going on inside you?

If starting this habit catches the eye you can put these recommendations into practice:

To Be Well With You Or The Habit Of Cultivating Your Interior1.Cultivate your interior:

Become aware and familiarize yourself with your inner state more often reaching the awareness that gives you the peace of acting from yourself, which allows you to permeate your own essence in what you do, transmit who you are.

2. Learn to be alone

Being with oneself is not so simple. Being alone is usually costly, boring or even scary. To avoid being alone we connect just wake up the phone, chats, email, etc. Even sometimes we prefer to spend time with someone who likes us to feel some support. But being alone is empowering allows you to meet, observe and connect with your intuition.

3. Watch your inner dialogue

If a person has a poor or mediocre interior, the dialogue he will establish with himself will become a parade of problems, a scratched disc that reproduces what he listens to or the follies he commits. On the other hand, if you have a well-nurtured inner world, that dialogue will illuminate new sensations, learnings and aptitudes because it will provide light to interpret reality in various ways and help you take valuable action. In this is not born learned, you have to train and nothing better for it than the next point: practice mindfulness!

4. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is one of the most powerful tools I have known and practiced to grow inwardly. More and more studies show that through the habit of being present in our interior we can improve many facets of our life and even strengthen our defenses by balancing body chemistry.

The opposite of Mindfulness is the “autopilot” or mindless. Mindfulness is flowing with what happens in the present. To do so, the first thing is to become an observer of our thoughts. It is like disidentification of the body to connect with the being, the invisible, the own conscience.

As soon as you begin to honor the present moment, your unhappiness, your fears and your struggles dissolve, and life begins to flow more easily to generate more understanding, openness and joy.

As the great Eckhart Tolle says, when you act savoring the present moment whatever you do is imbued with a sense of quality, care and love, even the simplest action.

Spend time with yourself, cultivate your interior, your life deserves that experience!

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